How to Do Yonimudra Step by Step and Benefits of Yoni Mudra

Yonimudra : This is a technique which is meant to facilitate training in the practice of Pratyahara or abstraction, with the aim of withholding the conscious mind from soliciting sensory perceptions. The word Yoni signifies the Ultimate Brahman of Brahmayoni. This unique psycho-physical technique of The Yoga Institute draws inspiration from a tortoise, which withdraws its limbs inside its shell the moment it perceives a danger, in order to conserve energy. Same is with our senses; it goes on receiving unnecessary and uncontrolled impulses, dissipating mental energy.

Starting position:

Sit in Padmasana or any other meditative posture. If not possible to sit on the floor, sit on a firm chair with an erect backrest. Keep the body above the waist straight and the spine erect. Eyes closed.

The sequence of steps for Yoni Mudra:

Place your thumbs on the ears and the index fingers resting gently on the eyelashes.
Place the middle fingers on the respective nostrils.
The ring fingers are placed above the lips and the little fingers below them. Ensure that your elbows are at shoulder level, parallel to the ground.
Passively observe the breath. The mind may wander to other thoughts but gently bring it back to the breathe.

Recommended practice: Practice daily in the morning / during the day, as required. Maintain the mental state for as long as possible.

Limitations / Contraindications: Psychological disorder – depression.

Benefits of Yoni Mudra:

Helps the mind to withdraw the senses–reduces unnecessary mind chatter.
Provides the required pause–needed for a change of perception.
Greatly aids in bringing a distracted mind to attentiveness.
Brings clarity of thought.
Brings about peace and harmony.


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Yoni Mudra Benefits

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