Sit in any comfortable posture with relaxed body and mind. Meditative postures like padmasana, sukhasana, swasthikasana can be used.
It can be done by sitting over chair for those who can’t sit in any meditative asanas.
Join the tips of thumb, index finger and middle finger of both the hands.
Straighten the other two fingers of both the hands so that they are slightly apart and relaxed.
Place the hands on the knees.
Concentrate on breathing pattern.
It has to be practised at least for 10 mins.
Continue the practice for as long as possible.
It is ideal to continue till 50 minutes.

Akasha Mudra For Body Stability, Vata Balance
Functional factors in mudra

BELIEF – Have faith. It is a complimentary therapy and can be used side by side with any therapy.
MIND – Before practising mudra, take a few deep breaths, till the breathing is rhythmic and the mind is relaxed.
DHYANA (Meditation) – Increases the efficacy of Mudras.
BODY – Keep body relaxed and at ease. 


Mudra should be practised with both hands.
There should be mild pressure between the touching fingers.
Keep unused fingers reasonably straight but not rigid; as far as possible do not move the fingers or arms while practising mudras

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Best time for the Sadhana is in the morning.
Mudras should not be practised for half to one hour after the meals
Mudras can be safely practised in 15-20 minutes sittings, 2-3 times a day or single sittings of 30 – 45 minutes. 

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It maintains the blood pressure in normal level.
It reduces the body pain developed due to the vitiation of vata dosha
It improves the strength and activities of all the nadis.
It removes fatigue, laziness, dizziness.
General debility developed due to less sleep can be overcome by the practice of this mudra.
Mental stability can be achieved by this practice.
Provide zeal, freshness to the mind, liveliness to the body
Functioning of heart can be improved.
It gives good control over excessive sweating, micturition and thirst.
Lack of initiation, slowness of thoughts and perception can be corrected by the practice of this mudra.
By the regular practice of this mudra one can develop self-esteem.
Vyan mudra give control over temperature, it can be helpful for those who cannot withstand heat.


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Vyana Mudra

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